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Through our Clarintelligence and BIClabs imprints, Business & Investor Labs Gmbpublishes fresh business thinking providing decision makers with a guiding map to a rapidly transforming business landscape.

Clarintelligence is a Curriculum for Business Thinking in the Digital Age

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Clarintelligence, our trademarked Curriculum for Business Thinking in the Post-Industrial Age, embodies our commitment to Intelligence and to Clarity

We believe in understanding a business from the ground to the top and that’s what we consider Intelligence. But understanding can get you only that far, unless you have the Clarity to focus on those Issues that Matter. In combination, they provide decision makers with the edge to successfuly navigate an ever transforming business landscape.

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For us, Intelligence means not only understanding the business from the ground to the top, but seeing how the various pieces fit together and which one has the biggest impact.

The more complex a business, the more pieces there are to put together. Complexity has always been a standard feature of Businesses. But in the past we could rely on historic numbers to indicate the future. Organisations were packed in neatly separated functions that worked next to each other. Like a predictable set of Lego blocks.

This was the Industrial Age, an era of stability and narrow problems.

From this age have moved into an era of rapid change and wicked problems.

Industries have moved from predictable to fast changing. Classic economic moats have been eroded, and the cue that makes up success has shifted from tangible to intangible factors. The Lego blocks are not necessarily visible at first sight. Business models as well as the boundaries between business functions evolve rapidly and new types of economics determine success.

As a result business decisions do not come in nice packages anymore. The future performance of any business is influenced by a variety of drivers. Putting this puzzle together has moved from being a science to being an art.

So how to cope with this new environment?

The natural reaction to this environment is to try to make things easy to digest. When we are faced with uncertainty, change and abundance, we attempt to reduce our brain cycles by simplifying things.

Yet, simple solutions are only helpful to a certain degree. The development of businesses cannot be routinised through tools and checklists. Mindless filling of boxes will not provide us with true insight on a particular business and its drivers.

Connecting the Right Dots

Therefore we go the opposite way. Instead of attempting to teach perceived simple solutions, we educate broader.We educate about the context of the business.

What is it that makes decision makers stand out in this fast paced environment? We don’t have research studies to prove it but our experience tells us it is an understanding of the broader context, thinking deeper, and taking educated decisions instead of just ticking the boxes. 

To properly frame insights into business decisions, we need to be able to Connect the Right Dots. The more dots we are aware of, the quicker we are able to see relationships and draw the right connections.

Our Curriculum understands the business as an interconnected system and provides a framework for understanding the architecture of this system.

That means focusing not only on the business functions but weaving together different strands and pointing out the drivers and relationships between various parts of the business.

We like to call this understanding The Logic of the Business. You will see this Logic as a common thread across our products. Our first aim is to let people see connections. We let them see the relationships within a business and market to illuminate the whole architecture of the business. Instead of teaching, we make our audience form a deep understanding.

We don’t aim to teach a craft. Instead we provide a Masterclass taking a deep dive, educating about the architecture of businesses. With each step we show how the various pieces form the whole architecture, forming a well-rounded business understanding.


Clarity is important because each business is unique. Each business has different success factors and drivers. To properly frame decisions we need to find them and narrow in. We teach decision makers how an in-depth understanding of the underlying business model helps determine what it is that they should be focusing on and how to apply their energy to it, helping them ask the right questions and to set the right metrics. This is the focus and clarity that helps them rise to the front of the pack.

This is our beat: we spot these shifts and use our understanding of the Logic of the Business to readjust the focus for each type of business. One-size-fits-all is not part of our Curriculum.

When industries are transformed then these success factors are shifting. This requires us to shift our focus accordingly. Some people call this disruption or digitalisation, but we believe the term are too overused to disclose the full meaning of such shifts.

Lit from the Inside

Our products follow a simple philosophy: a smart reader’s time and productivity is worth more than the price of a book or a course.This means that in a time when we are overdosing on information, we focus on content that provides immediate value through first-hand insights. Our curriculum is developed by professionalsonly. Professionals who build on their own experience and learnings. 

We are an education provider who caters to the critical thinkers and curious minds who seek a broader perspective,seeing beyond the status quo. Those who get an edge from looking where others don’t look.We provide the curriculum for smart decision makers who seek 360 degree business thinking, those who seek an understanding of the bigger contextcut through the clutter and focus on the most critical factors.

If this is your language, if you care understanding of the bigger context if you like to cut through the clutter and focus on what matters, then you you are right at home.

Who is behind Clarintelligence?

Our founder is Martin Hoffmann. He is a former private equity investor turned founder and educator. As private equity investor he was part of a team that acquired European mid-sized businesses on behalf of mostly US based Tier 1 institutional investors. They not only acquired those companies, but worked alongside with them for a number of years, helping the management build and grow them until they finally sold them.

This experience taught him that business decisions require a broad perspective and the ability to cut across various disciplines. This applies even more so in times of rapid change, were the rules are in flux. Since Martin felt that much of business thinking and education focuses only on single entities, enhancing silo thinking, he has built this Curriculum for business thinking in the 21st century to teach decision makers the connections between various parts.

Having dealt with senior level executives from the beginning of his career, getting to the critical points quickly is what matters most to him. As a result, he fosters a no hype, no fluff approach, that goes to the substance of the matter.

What’s Next?

Our Curriculum is about to go live. First up is our first book on Financial Analysis and Valuation. This will shortly be followed by a broader course on analysing products and businesses, which we are currently testing in beta.

Our Curriculum will live across various platforms and formats. Our sister imprint BIClabs offers a free Clarintelligence powered series that highlights the most important shifts of our business environment, including an overview of changes to business’ success factors and unit economics.

BIClabs: Mapping the Big Shifts in Business, Innovation & Culture

BIClabs aims to elevate business thinking from one, which was founded in a stable and predictable world to one suited for a world of accelerated change.

The site outlinesthe big shifts that are happening at the Intersection of Business, Innovation & Culture, helping readers navigate industry transformation. We elaborate on the new success factors of business, on new business models as well as on new unit economics. Think of us as your personal think tank.

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