Business Education for Leaders who Venture into the Unkown

Sharpen Your Perspective

You will find a lot of education that provides you with simple checklists and motivational tools. This is not us. We cater to those business leaders who cannot get away with checklists. We cater to those who need a deep understanding and original thinking to venture into unknown, where the next step is not pre-defined. We help them develop a deep understanding of the inherent logic of the business, to enable them to weave together different strands of a business and focus on those issues that driver the success of a particular business.


Mapping the Big Shifts Across Business, Innovation & Culture

Through we provide inspiring insights into the most important shifts that are happening across Business, Innovation and Culture. These insights help business leaders uncover new success factors of business and see how the future affects them, empowering them to lead businesses into the future.

Re master of business

Not a Master program. But a guide for how to navigate industry transition with clarity, helping you re-align both the business positioning as well as the personal skill set.

This four week program reframes participants view on business. We start by providing an inspiring perspective of the transformations that are reshaping businesses. Then we identify the new success factors of businesses and finally we take action to re-align the skill set of your business and team with these success factors.

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Who is behind Clarintelligence?

Martin Hoffmann
Martin Hoffmann
Founder & CEO
Martin Hoffmann, a former private equity professional, contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and founder of Business & Investor Labs. As a former private equity professional, our founder Martin Hoffmann had to be quick to see what’s relevant and what isn’t from the beginning of his career. Throughout this career, he analyzed and worked with a variety of companies across industries. This gave him unique insights into the patterns of success factors of businesses from a board level perspective, developing the ability to see connections between different fields. His personal curiosity for the world as well as his street photography add to his observation skills, helping him watch life and transformation from different vantage points.

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