Welcome to BIClabs!

I am Martin Hoffmann, who is behind BIClabs. As a former private equity professional, I was able to gain unique insights into the patterns of success factors of businesses from a board level perspective, while also learning to be quick to see what’s relevant and what isn’t.

Through BIClabs.com we map the big shift that are happening across Business, Innovation and Culture, uncovering the new success factors of businesses.

The core focus is to not on tracking every news item or tweet, but to provide inspiring insights into the most important shifts that are happening in our economies, thus helping readers see how the future affects them while empowering them to lead businesses into the future of this quickly evolving landscape.

For more information, feel free to have a chat with our bot who is waiting for you at the bottom right of the site. He would be more than happy to introduce you to BIClabs in a virtual chat.


See the Important Shifts Happening

Not every Tweet is of importance in this noisy world. Stay updated on the most important shifts that are happening at the intersection of Business, Innovation and Culture.