A Fresh Curriculum for Business Thinking

in the post-Industrial Age

delivered by experts

Clarintelligence is a trademark of Business & Investor Labs GmbH. Business & Investor Labs publishes a suite of information products for decision makers and knowledge workers to help them understand and analyze the businesses of the Post Industrial Age.

We Make


Clarintelligence provides content and tools to help decision makers and forward thinkers understand and analyze businesses. Our main aim is to provide clarity and context through expert content.

Our products follow a simple philosophy: a smart reader’s time and productivity is worth more than the price of a book. This means that in a time when we are overdosing on information, we focus on content that provides immediate valueeither through first-hand insights or through ideas that advance the conversation. Our main goal is to help smart readers escape from the noise and focus on the most critical factors.   

To achieve this goal, we start with professional content and put it in the right form:

Professional Content

Business & Investor Labs is dedicated to developing content and tools, which are developed by professionals.

In other words, by experts who provide actionable insights based on first-hand learnings rather than regurgitated advice. By experts who preach what they practice, providing a behind the scenes look into that practice.

Since today’s era of constant transformation of industries requires us to rethink the status quo and update our skill set, we believe that context information is getting an even more critical part of our professional lives. We thus focus on knowledge helps us shape a broader perspective.

Inspired by German design culture

Originating from Germany we are inspired by the philosophy behind German design culture, which was shaped by the Bauhaus school as well as by Dieter Rams’. As a kid who grew up in the 80’s, Dieter Rams’ alarm clock was as much part of Martin Hoffmann’s youth, as was his father’s Braun electric razor, and his Braun Nizo Super-8 video camera. Bauhaus armchairs followed him through his law studies as they decorated every other law firm and library. Later he was able to reconnect with this design language thanks to Apple’s products, which had found their inspiration in Dieter Rams’ earlier products.

Yet, given that we are a producer of intangible products, it is not so much the visual language of the products that we are interested in. It is the philosophy behind the design that we seek to apply to information products.

The interfaces of a large range of today’s physical products can be traced back to the form-follows function methodology of the early Bauhaus, and to Dieter Rams’ modernist functionalism. Yet if we look at intangible products, and in particular at information products, this philosophy is more of a collector’s item. As a consequence of the increasing noise and information overload, we see this design philosophy becoming more relevant than ever.

We want to help you do with information, what Bauhaus did for architecture and Dieter Rams did for industrial design.We will help readers focus on the essence of the decisive factors. This will result in the clean, functional lines of decision-making. As Bauhaus design breaks objects down into their raw geometric shapes, we organize the ocean of information and break it down into its essential factors. Like Dieter Rams erased unnecessary detail, we will help readers reduce information by separating the signal from the noise.

In summary, we merge the business intelligence of professionals with the clarity of German design culture. We thus launch products under the registered Trademark “Clarintelligence”.   

Clarintelligence will shortly launch the first ever Valuation Chatbot Course


IRRlabs is a business think tank website that aims to elevate business thinking from one, which was founded in a stable and predictable world to one suited for a world of accelerated change.

The site outlines patterns of change that happen across industries, helping readers navigate industry transformation by identifying the success factors of business that came about through today’s era of constant change.

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