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Who is behind Clarintelligence?

Clarintelligence is a trademark of Business & Investor Labs GmbH.

Business & Investor Labs publishes a suite of information products for decision makers and knowledge workers to help them understand and analyze the businesses of the Post Industrial Age. Business & Investor Labs is founded by Martin T. Hoffmann a former private equity professional.

The majority of business thinking was formed in the industrial age.  The problem with that is, we don’t live in that world anymore. The success factors of businesses have changed since then. With the information age we have entered an era of transformation, driven by the rapid pace of technological and social change. As markets have become more dynamic than ever, this has a huge impact on the success factors of businesses. Accordingly our approach to analyzing companies has to change as well. Understanding change has become the great need of our time.

Martin sets out to elevate the discussion from one, which was founded in a stable and predictable world to one suited for a world of accelerated change. His aim is to help managers and investors organize their thinking about changes, giving them a clearer picture of where success factors of businesses are heading. And he wants you to get up to the speed of change.

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