Keep Growing with Our Times


The truth is, most of today’s business thinking has been developed in the Industrial Age.

Since then, the real world of business has changed significantly.

As you are reading this, chances are high that you are someone who is aware of the changes and who is curious to keep developing and growing with the changing world around us.

Business Thinking Needs a Relaunch

Businesses like to talk about digital transformation. But that’s not what it is about.

“Digital”, as it is called, is just the driver. The effects of digital change extend to a reshaping of how products are being built and distributed and to how consumers interact, communicate and select those product.

We are facing a major shifts across technology, culture and business that require us to re-think the fundamentals of businesses.

Window Dressing

The term “Digital Transformation” is a handy buzzword to impress shareholders and sell consulting services. The problem is, quick fixes and simple recipe’s do not help to account seismic changes, such as this one.

New Rules

In fact, while all businesses talk about digital transformation, most of them still operate by rules which have been developed in the Industrial Age.


With various trends coming together, we have entered an era of wicked problems, where we need to understand how the whole system changes. This requires us not only to see connections between different fields.

New Success Factors

Now anyone can potentially develop great products and services from the comfort of their own homes, using only a computer, the internet, and a range of D.I.Y.development tools. Similarly, production and distribution of products has been democratized thanks to Foxconn, Amazon and the likes.These shifts also force us to reconsider what value is based on and how companies need to operate today. We need to understand which types of value propositions, business models and business structures enable success today and how we can best apply them to our businesses.

At BIClabs we Focus on Understanding the Bigger Patterns of these New Success Factors.

We designed our content to strip away the noise to help you uncover Key Patterns of Change


We cater to those people who have a busy life with no time left to follow every tempting “hot trend”, who instead have to take decisions based on substantiated insights.

Who We Are

Martin Hoffmann

As a former private equity professional, our founder Martin Hoffmann had to be quick to see what’s relevant and what isn’t from the beginning of his career. Throughout this career, he analyzed and worked with a variety of companies across industries. This gave him unique insights into the patterns of success factors of businesses from a board level perspective. Even more important, it also helped him develop the ability to see connections between different fields. His personal curiosity for the world as well as his street photography add to his observation skills, helping him watch life and transformation from different vantage points.


We are supported by our AI bot. His current position is to support our human intelligence. Consider him to be the intern for the moment. But we are busy training him to take on more tasks so that we can hopefully promote him to a VP role by the middle of 2018.

Let’s Crack the Code of this new era of Complexity.

Let’s level up our Strategic Perspectives.

We have provided a 3-Step Update Program for you, providing you with an inside understanding of this new era, offering a playbook for change, and preparing you for this major power shift.

The Program highlights the key transformations of our business ecosystem, providing you with a summary of the core trends. We will see what the new success factors are, why and how quality has been replaced by User Experience and Data as economic moat. We will also explore whether and why new types of business models work, and how the unit economics of businesses are changing.

This Program is for those who are serious about getting one step ahead by understanding the bigger picture and for those who are curious to see the connections between different disciplines. If this sounds like you, then welcome aboard.

This Program will launch shorty!

Keep Growing with Our Times

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