Community Guidelines

Your insights and thoughts are highly appreciated and we hope to enter a fruitful conversation through our Think Tank Forum’s. To ensure the highest value of this conversation for all users we do need some guidelines.

We do not intend to be a hotel that hosts everybody. Instead, we are a platform for those guests who value a thoughtful, unprejudiced and objective discussion. We aim to offer a sophisticated, thoughtful forum for intelligent, well educated, thoughtful, polite and open minded people. No one needs another commenting forum filled with spammers, trolls and purveyors of falsehoods. We value your time and your attention more than anything else. We therefore will do everything to offer you a high-profile, clutter-free platform for thoughtful discussion.

So here are our house-rules:


  • We suggest to make it informative, interesting, on topic.
  • Feel free to be irreverent and opinionated.


  • We don’t care about ‘opinions’ and bumper sticker messages, or attention- and emotion-grabbing postings. There are Facebook and LinkedIn to do that and they have a much bigger audience than we do.
  • Don’t fog up the issue, steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions
  • Avoid everything that demonstrates ignorance and unfamiliarity with the topic and related facts, lack in intellectual coherence, or lack of respect for scientific knowledge
  • No need to write in all capital letters. Our audience has sufficient intellectual capacity to understand and weight a specific point.     
  • No self-promotional messages
  • No lack of civility in your discourse, in particular impoliteness and harsh tone.

Our Measures to ensure the quality of the debate

  • To ensure the quality of our Forum’s, we reserve the right to “unpublish” comments. We also reserve the right ban members who violate our community guidelines repeatedly.

We are here to facilitate an intelligent and fruitful conversation. For any suggestions, feel free to mail us at

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