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We have entered the long and winding road of rapid change across industries, leading to a constant reshuffling of the economics of businesses. To keep an edge, we need to develop a continuously updated playbook that guides us through the changing landscape.

I will do my part and continue to write and break down the core principles of how change affects these economics in my column at Equities.com and at other places. Now here’s your chance to have me write your Personalized Trend Report. Let’s assemble the building blocks of the new economics together.

Do you want me to zero in on anything in particular? Let me know. Send me a question, let me know what changes and challenges you are seeing and facing or share examples you have spotted. What does this change mean to your investments or your work environment?

It takes you just a minute to quickly drop me a short voice message below.

I will do my best to cover all suggested topics. You can find my writing on my column at Equities.com and at IRRlabs.com.

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