BIClabs Brainfood:

Challenge your Perspectives

Finding the right perspective is a large and possibly the most important part of adjusting our toolkit to this fast changing business landscape. So here is a short brain teaser to get into the right mindset.

Some See Security

Some See Restriction of Freedom

Some See an Opportunity for Exploration

Some See an Opportunity for Saving Time

Some See Trash

Some See an Art Space

Time to tease Your brain:

  • Think about situations in your job where perspectives collide
  • Think about a situation where a change in perspective was necessary
  • Think about the last time you i) purchased a product and ii) walked away from purchasing a product
    • Look at the advertising of the company that sells the product. What is their view on the added value of the product?
    • What is your view? What drive your purchase decision?
    • Are both aligned? If not, what might cause the misalignment?

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