Facilitator Notes

To start with, set up a team consisting of 2-4 of the following people: a designer, a developer, marketer/brand experts and a product or business person (product lead, business unit manager, founder).

We will provide you with slides that you can share with them along the way as a facilitator.

The facilitator notes will help you set up and guide  sessions within your organisations, becoming an evangelist for change. This enables you to pull together some of the most forward-thinking minds of your organisation or friends’ circle to develop smart ways to approach things in this new era.

Here are three things you should do to ensure that your efforts will lead to results:

  • Set up a path to keep your little crew engaged. For example, set up a weekly or monthly meeting to discuss changes. Choose a time and place that is away from the day to day work, to clear your mind. Meet in the evening in a quiet bar, meet over lunch or reserve a meeting room or an off site, whether it’s just a hut in the forrest or a castle by the sea, whatever works best for your time schedule and budget.
  • Set a goal. Do you want to drive long term drive or do you want to drive constant change? What kind of results would you like to see in what time period? Set a goal that you can control and that you can measure. One goal could be to improve the customer experience in a way that increases the retention rate by 5% and leads to 300k in additional annual profit as a result.  Another goal could be that you want to launch one new product per year that leads to a minimum revenue of an annual revenue € 500k after two years. Be specific and be realistic. Then write down that goal. Put it in a place where you can see it regularly. Make it your screen saver if possible.
  • Use your preferred channel of communication, such as Slack, Basecamp, Trello etc and set up a closed group or board for you and your collaborators.


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