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BIClabs Programs are built to help decision makers navigate an era of constant change by cracking the code of this new environment and levelling up their strategic perspective.

The Big Shifts that are happening across Business Innovation and Culture force us to reconsider how companies need to operate today. We need to understand which types of value propositions, business models and business structures enable success today and how we can best apply them to our businesses. Our programs take the years of top-quartile private experience of our founder, couple this with artificial intelligence based trend research and distil this into the most convenient and accessible format possible.

Step 1: Build Your Foundations

If you have a busy life it's important to get a quick overview over the most important shifts that are happening. Who has time to sift through hundreds of articles? Business Thinking 3.0 provides you with a 3-Step Overview of the most important changes that are happening right now. This Program provides a playbook for change for those who are serious about getting one step ahead by understanding the bigger picture.

Business Thinking 3.0


Business Thinking 3.0. highlights the key transformations of our business ecosystem, providing you with a summary of the most important trend. We uncover the new success factors, we will explore whether and why new types of business models work, and how the unit economics of businesses are changing.

The Program will launch shortly.

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Step 2: Apply it to your Business

Once you have laid the foundations you make the fastest progress by applying it to your business. Whether your are developing new products or adjusting your positioning of your business, the programs below help you understand the perfect positioning of your products and business, the skill set that you need to build and the initiatives that put you ahead of competition.

Strategic Review - Basic

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Strategic Review - End-to-End Planning Tool

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Who we are

The Programs have been developed by BIClabs founder, Martin Hoffmann. As a former private equity professional, he not only has unique insights into the patterns of success factors of businesses from a board level perspective, but he also learned to be quick to see what’s relevant and what isn’t.

Martin Hoffmann

As a former private equity professional, our founder Martin Hoffmann had to be quick to see what’s relevant and what isn’t from the beginning of his career. Throughout this career, he analyzed and worked with a variety of companies across industries. This gave him unique insights into the patterns of success factors of businesses from a board level perspective. Even more important, it also helped him develop the ability to see connections between different fields. His personal curiosity for the world as well as his street photography add to his observation skills, helping him watch life and transformation from different vantage points.

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