Do you know the Success Factors of the Digital Age?

In the Digital Age, the Rules of Businesses are constantly being Updated. Yet, most of Today’s Business Thinking has been developed in the Industrial Age. We have developed a Free 3-Step Series provides you with an Update to the Evolving Landscape.

The Series consists of 3-Steps, highlighting the key transformations of our business ecosystem. We will see what the new success factors are and how sustainable they are. We will also explore whether and why new types of business models work, and how the unit economics of businesses are changing.

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We Uncover Key Patterns of Change to Identify the Core Elements of the New Rules of Business

Martin Hoffmann

As a former private equity professional, our founder Martin Hoffmann had to be quick to see what’s relevant and what isn’t from the beginning of his career. Throughout this career, he analyzed and worked with a variety of companies across industries. This gave him unique insights into the patterns of success factors of businesses from a board level perspective. Even more important, it also helped him develop the ability to see connections between different fields. His personal curiosity for the world as well as his street photography add to his observation skills, helping him watch life and transformation from different vantage points.


We are supported by our AI bot. His current position is to support our human intelligence. Consider him to be the intern for the moment. But we are busy training him to take on more tasks so that we can hopefully promote him to a VP role by the middle of 2018.

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