Requiem for the Economic Moat: The Former Strengths of Industrial Age Companies

How do we keep an overview when the business world is changing dynamically?

Pundits and Media are busy telling us about the next big trend, drawing us into the next click.  Some of it may be interesting. But not all of it is signal, and more important not all of it is relevant for us specifically. The problem with noise is, it is very efficient in drawing us into many directions, sacrificing our focus and valuable resources.

Then how do we separate signal from noise?

We take a step back to determine the bigger patterns.

That’s why we will explore the transformation of the former cornerstone of  business success, the economic moat, also known as sustainable competitive advantage.

Some of it you may already be familiar with. May be even all of it. Nonetheless it will help us put many of today’s changes into a larger context. Like your school history lessons hopefully help you put today’s geopolitical happenings into a better perspective, our little history of the economic moat will enhance your understanding of what drives a business’ success in today’s world.