References and Reading List

  • Abraham Maslow; Toward a Psychology of Being: Maslow’s classic, going into the details of what we discussed above.
  • Abraham Maslow; Maslow on Management: A fantastic book by Maslow, applying his thinking on organisational structures and culture.
  • Daniel Kahneman; Thinking Fast and Slow: this is the classic, telling us about the ‘tricks’ our mind plays.
  • Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein; Nudge: this is along the same lines as Kahneman’s book, explaining how we make choices.
  • Hampden-Turner; Maps of the Mind: a hidden germ, highlighting various models of our consciousness.
  • Michael Graziano; Rethinking Consciousness: this book brilliantly explained how our consciousness evolved, showing the different levels of consciousness of different species. Who would have thought hat neuroscience could be that exciting.
  • Goerge Mumfort; The Mindful Athlete: in my view one of the best book on mindfulness and mediation from the meditation coach of the Chicago Bulls, L.A. Lakers and many others. Provides great insights into how awareness works.
  • Stephen Nachmanovitch; Free Play: an amazing book about improvisation. It is written by a Jazz musician, but it is targeted at all creative fields. If you operate in a field where 'play' is important, then this is a must read.