Intangible Success Factors of Today

Over the past decades, the structures of industries have been altered radically. And the shift continues.

Here we will highlight some of the major success factors in today's intangible economy to help you position yourself for lasting success.

Every Business is a Media Business


The scarcest resource of today’s crowded marketplace is consumer’s attention.

Why is it for example that Amazon, which provides just the last “one-click” can charge up to well above half of the revenue from authors and publishers, who spend months developing a book? It is because getting that one click is one of the biggest challenges along the value chain. Reaching consumers is one of the toughest challenges for businesses.

At the same time, the channels through wich customers can be reached have multiplied. That means addressing the customer through the right channel with the right message has become the new rocket science of the internet age. Gary Vaynerchuk operates like a real estate developer, who seeks to invest in undervalued attention on new platforms. Marketing departments have become content production machines, distributing across a variety of channels, basically operating in-house media businesses.

The content they produce has gone far beyond pure advertising. The boundaries between content marketing and publishing are increasingly blurry.

We also can see that the marketing tools have become more and more professionalised. The mission control centres of marketing departments have become fully equipped. Tracking users across channels combined with Ad Tech services allows for better targeting of customers. Content management systems allow for easier production, distribution and repurposing of content across channels.

So that’s the way in which companies have turned more and more into media businesses.

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