Develop Options for Action

So far we have been a bit negative. After having explored the environment that we are facing, we might feel a little overwhelmed. A lot of things might be coming to you at the same time, putting at risk what you have built over the past years or months. It seems hard to plan for the near future when too much external pressure is coming.

But enough of negativity. Now we will smoothly shift into more positive territory, setting a roadmap into a positive future.

This is why we will now identify the options that we have.


Now that we have understood the situation, we shut down the external pressure and focus solely on our options. You might even detach from all the news reporting for a while, and take a deep dive into your business to develop a roadmap that can take you through this crisis and beyond.

One way to do this is to have a development day or two for yourself and your business. Shut off social media and news. Take your time to set a roadmap for the next months to come. You can use the next units as an agenda for this day if that makes sense to you.